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Our 2022 Theme of Spiritual Renewal and Our Collective Purpose may help us make sense of the transitionary times we are living in now. Among other significant astrological shifts, we are between the astrological Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. Ancient myth and modern science tell us these 2000 year long astrological ages coincide with global and social turmoil. As we traverse the Age of Aquarius threshold, this is proving to be true. In our 2022 theme we explore the unique talents and skills of each Zodiac sign and how each sign might contribute to humanity’s collective purpose. In 2022 we suggest tuning into the inspiration of the magical Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

2022 Moon Calendars feature:
*Astrological Guidance for the year ahead
*Personal Sun Sign Predictions
*Monthly Forecasts
*Moon Phases
*Sign Changes
*Eclipse info
*Inspiring artwork by women artists
*Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Colour Coded Spiritual Days and Nights
*Daily Gardening & Fishing Guides

2022 Moon Calendars are NZ $28 each incl. GST within NZ

Moon Calendar


2022 Moon Diaries feature:
* Spiritual Renewal & Our Collective Purpose Theme
* New Moon Maps with interpretations
* Moon Signs, Moon Phases and Eclipse info
* Sign Changes and Planetary Aspects
* Fabulous Artwork by diverse women artists
* Mayan Calendar Daysigns, Tones, and Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights
* Daily Oracles based on all of the above

2022 Moon Diaries are NZ $36 each incl. GST within NZ

Moon Diary
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