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Our 2019 theme of On the Edge looks at the ways each Zodiac Sign might approach our changing times, and how to best navigate future uncertainties
2019 Moon Calendars feature
*Astrological Guidance for the year ahead
*Personal Sun Sign Predictions
*Monthly Forecasts
*Moon Phases
*Sign Changes
*Eclipse info
*Inspiring artwork by women artists
*Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Colour Coded Spiritual Days and Nights
*Daily Gardening & Fishing Guides
2019 Moon Calendars are NZ $27 each incl. GST within NZ

Moon Calendar

2019 Moon Diaries feature:
*New Moon Maps with interpretations
*Daily Oracles based on Moon Signs and Planetary Aspects
*Signs Changes and Eclipse info
*Fabulous Artwork
*Mayan Calendar Daysigns, Tones, and Colour Coded Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights
2019 Moon Diaries are NZ $35 each incl. GST within NZ

Moon Diary
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