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Our 2021 Theme of Earth Keepers and Sky Watchers links each individual Zodiac Sign to methods and tools used by indigenous and ancient peoples to promote unity, and to facilitate healing, spiritual understanding and enlightenment. The ancient wisdom of indigenous people worldwide is that of interwoven community and unity consciousness. This wisdom, which enriches diversity, is profoundly relevant now as we teeter on the threshold of so many social, economic, ecological, climatic and spiritual breakdowns and crises.

2021 Moon Calendars feature:
*Astrological Guidance for the year ahead
*Personal Sun Sign Predictions
*Monthly Forecasts
*Moon Phases
*Sign Changes
*Eclipse info
*Inspiring artwork by women artists
*Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Colour Coded Spiritual Days and Nights
*Daily Gardening & Fishing Guides
2021 Moon Calendars are NZ $28 each incl. GST within NZ

Moon Calendar


2021 Moon Diaries feature:
* Earth Keepers and Sky Watchers Theme
* New Moon Maps with interpretations
* Moon Signs. Phases and Eclipse info
* Sign Changes and Planetary Aspects
* Fabulous Artwork
* Mayan Calendar Daysigns, Tones, and Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights
* Daily Oracles based on all of the above

2021 Moon Diaries are NZ $36 each incl. GST within NZ

Moon Diary
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